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Benefits of High-Security Fences for Commercial Businesses

Benefits of High-Security Fences for Commercial Businesses hercules gsa

So, why would a business need a high-security fence? Here are a couple of reasons.

While there are many security fences for a wide variety of needs, high-security fences are ideal for companies needing extra protection. If your business has valuable or potentially hazardous assets, ensuring your team can get safely in and out of the property, and trespassers can’t is extremely important. So, why exactly would a business need a high-security fence? Here are a couple of reasons. 

Safe Access Points 

High-security fences can have various types of gates and other entryway options to meet your needs. For example, key fobs and gate codes can allow cars and people in through automatic gates, or you could have a motion detector in case of emergencies. GSA high-security fences and barrier gates can be crash-rated as well, so you can be confident that the only people entering your facility are the ones authorized to be there. A few extra safeguards for your safe access points could be hydraulic retractable bollards and barrier arms. These could be motion-activated, controlled with a keypad or fob, or even a security guard in a booth. 

Keep Trespassers Out 

In addition to any security cameras you may have around your business, GSA high-security fences can help secure your property and dissuade any potential trespassers from messing with your parcel. A high-security fence should be at least eight feet tall, but commercial fences can be 14 feet or higher, depending on your unique needs. Any high-security fence can also be outfitted with posts or barbed wire to help dissuade trespassers who may attempt to climb or throw something over the top of the fence. 

Increased Property Value

Installing a high-security fence can directly impact the value of your commercial property. A secure perimeter enhances the overall safety and desirability of the location and can also reduce insurance premiums.

Compliance and Regulation

Depending on your industry, specific regulations or certification requirements may dictate the security measures your business must have in place. A high-security fencing solution helps ensure compliance with these standards and minimizes potential regulatory risks.

Commercial fences come in many different varieties, including crash-rated bollards, wedge barriers, and chain-link fences. All of these have their own benefits, so you should work with your fence installation company to decide which one is best for you. 

If you are ready to install a new high-security fence on your commercial property, call the experts at Hercules GSA today!

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