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Increase the Security of Your Commercial Fence

If you’re a commercial business owner, you know that security is of the utmost importance. While no fence is completely impenetrable to the determined individual, increasing the security of your fence can be instrumental in warding off would-be trespassers or criminals. Even if you do not formally install a high-security fence, there are some relatively simple steps you can take today to increase the security of what fencing you do have. Below, we have listed three tips for strengthening the security of your commercial fence.

Three Simple Ways to Increase the Security of Your Commercial Fence

If you’re a commercial business owner, you know that security is of the utmost importance. Here are three simple ways to increase the security of your fence.

Security Cameras and Lights

While not part of your actual fence per se, additional security measures such as floodlights and security cameras can go a long way to increasing your perimeter protection. By definition, a floodlight is a high-intensity light that shines a broad beam. At night, these lights create a sort of spotlight effect, which makes criminals think twice before trespassing. Combine floodlights with a security camera, and studies show crime rates will reduce by at least 50%. We recommend that you purchase real cameras so that you have evidence in case a crime does occur, but dummy cameras may be an effective scare-tactic too.

Anti-Climb Paint

Anti-climb paint is exactly what it sounds like. These special paints remain slippery even long after it is applied, making it far more challenging to scale surfaces it coats. As an added benefit, many anti-climb paints are messy, and will remain on the skin and clothes of criminals.  Anti-climb paint may be low-cost, but don’t be fooled. Not only is it extremely effective, but it has a smooth, glossy appearance that you may find aesthetically pleasing. Consider applying anti-climb paint to your commercial property.

Plants with Thorns

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to protect your business. Have you ever thought of using thorny plants along the perimeter of your commercial fence? If you’re a homeowner, this could be a good option as well. Feel free to plant whatever brambly, thorny plants you like. That said, rosebushes are an excellent option. In addition to being thorny enough to deter trespassers, the beauty of their flowers would look great around your commercial property. Another option is trifoliate orange, which has exceptionally formidable thorns. However, both trifoliate orange and some rosebush species are considered invasive in some locales, so be sure to do your research first.

With the above tips in mind, we here at Hercules Fence feel confident that you can improve the security of your commercial property. If you have any further questions, we are here to help.

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