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 Should You Invest in Security Bollards?

 Should You Invest in Security Bollards? hercules gsa

Security bollards are an excellent way to protect businesses, divert traffic, and serve as a last line of defense.

Security bollards are an excellent way to protect businesses, divert traffic, and serve as a last line of defense against various forces. In addition to high-security fences, we are one of the GSA contractors providing bollards and more to secure your business. What are some of the reasons why businesses choose to invest in these security tools?

What Are Security Bollards?

Security bollards can be installed in addition to high-security fences or on their own. They are made of a variety of strong, heavy-duty materials and can be installed inside or outside of your business. They are one way to help limit access to parts of your business you don’t want the public entering, prevent cars from mounting the curb and driving into your business, and even add a little bit of light along a path. 

As GSA contractors, we often install bollards for security purposes. Sensitive facilities and government agencies should all have bollards outside to deter opportunistic criminals and prevent car crashes. 

What Are the Different Types of Bollards?

Numerous security bollards can be installed on your property, and the best type will vary depending on your budget and the purpose. Some of the most common types of bollards include:

  • Steel Pipe Bollards: These are the security bollards you will see outside of many businesses and high-security fences. Steel is very strong and can keep cars out of your business, whether they crash by accident or are intentionally trying to crash through the bollards. These bollards can be installed alone or with covers on top to add branding or color. 
  • Temporary or Removable Bollards: In some businesses, you often need to shift traffic or block off different areas. Removable bollards are great for these situations, as you can repurpose them as needed on a day-to-day basis. 
  • Deep Mount Bollards: For as much security as possible, deep mount bollards are a great idea. They are buried underground to make them even stronger, and they are permanent.

Hercules Fence GSA Can Meet the Needs of GSA Contractors Purchasing Security Bollards

Whether you need a pool or residential fence, Hercules Fence GSA can do the job for you. We have been providing professional, quality service since 1955 and work to uphold our reputation every day. We have locations across the Maryland and Washington Metropolitan areas and are ready to cater to your fencing needs. Give us a call at (410)-799-1555 or contact us online. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for more updates.

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