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How To Ensure The Best Perimeter Protection For Your Business

Perimeter Protection is the first step to ensuring that your business is secure.

Perimeter Protection is the first step to ensuring that your business is secure.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to keep your business safe and secure, especially if you are a government agency that keeps a lot of confidential information. One way to enhance the security of your business is to make sure you have the best perimeter protection. Keeping the perimeter protected keeps people from even getting close to your building. Here is how to ensure the best perimeter protection for your business.

Risk Assessment

The first thing you should do is a risk assessment for your business. This goes over all of the potential threats and consequences if the security of your business is breached. Some businesses need more protection than others such as prisons, government agencies, and military bases. The assessment will also let you know whether its more so personnel who need to be protected or the property itself.  

High Security Fencing

The risk assessment will let you know if a high security fence is needed for your business. It is a great way to ensure the best perimeter protection, deterring people from trying to get into your building. You want to choose a high quality material for your fence that is both hard to climb and breach through. Some popular material options for a high security fence are chain links, steel, and aluminum. The type of fence you choose and the way it will be build can also be determined by the risk assessment.

Integrated Security

If you really want to enhance your perimeter protection, you can incorporate a variety of features that can really give your security a boost. Here are just a few examples:


  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems: These devices can be installed in various places around the perimeter of the building. They are motion sensored, designed to detect and alert you if an intruder is trying to climb or force open your fence.
  • Double Row Fencing: Adding an extra security fence beyond the first one will surely deter any potential intruders. The extra fencing can have sensors and detectors installed within it or you can just have physical security in between the two sets of fences. Some businesses will use double row fencing to block off certain high risk zones.
  • CCTV: Using video cameras in addition to your fencing is a great way to boost perimeter protection. The cameras can be set to alert you when any threats are detected and you will actually be able to see what’s going on around your building without having to be outside. This allows for action to be taken a lot faster. In addition, just seeing a video camera could deter a potential intruder from trying to break in.



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