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Fence Installation on Uneven Ground

Fence Installation on Uneven Ground hercules gsa

Fence installation can happen even on uneven ground

Fence installation can happen even on uneven ground. Level topped, stepped, and racked fences are among the most common choices for sloped properties. If you attempt fence installation on uneven ground, it will present unique challenges. It’s best to hire a professional fence installation company for this reason. In addition, properly-installed fences ensure longevity. Our professionals at Hercules GSA would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Nothing should stop you from having a durable and beautiful fence. Here is a breakdown of the best choices if you need fence installation on uneven ground.


Level Topped

The first step of the type of fence installation involves filling in the uneven parts with soil. Filling the land with gravel and soil is beneficial for more significant declines. If your land dips and rises, a level-top fence is the best choice. 


Do you have a steep fence line? If so, installing a standard fence is not the best option because it results in a fence with a substantial slope. In addition, leveling the ground isn’t the best option when you have a steep slope that goes on for a while. A stepped fence is the best option because it has panels arranged in steps. The only drawback of this choice is that its triangular openings at the bottom make it easy for children and small pets to slip through. However, the solution is to adjust the landscape to fill the gaps with dirt or other materials. We should also mention that this selection adds classic charm and curb appeal to any home. 


Racked aluminum fences are the most straightforward option to install because they allow flexibility. Professionals install this option so that it adheres to the land’s slope. Standard aluminum fences can vary up to six inches for a minor incline. However, specialized racked fence posts range from 20 to 36 inches to suit more significant slopes. This unique racking allows each segment to sit at the optimal angle, aligned with zero gaps occurring between the ground and the bottom of the fence. Contractors appreciate this option because it pairs well with so many yards, even those with rough terrain. 

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