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Requirements for Pool Fencing in Maryland

As with any other kind of building project, pool fencing is often subject to laws and regulations depending on what the state and local authorities have decided. In Maryland, a homeowner who chooses to install a residential swimming pool also must adequately enclose the structure with a fence, which is why it’s so important for Maryland residents to familiarize themselves with the laws. Let’s take a look at some of the laws and regulations surrounding pool fencing within Maryland, as well as some county-specifics to help you make an informed decision.

pool fencing laws maryland

Maryland has a few laws and regulations regarding pool fencing. Take a look!

Statewide Requirements

All pool fencing in Maryland must be at least 48 inches high. Of course, any fence needs a quality gate to go with it—and in Maryland, pool access gates must include a self-locking device to help prevent unwanted access that could result in someone getting hurt.

 If your pool is above-ground and more than four feet high, you may not need additional pool fencing provided that the pool is equipped with a detachable ladder that can be removed when not in use. However, if your above-ground pool is under four feet high, you need to install some sort of pool fencing to bring the barriers of your pool to the right height.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission of Maryland recommends that any pool fence pickets should be spaced a maximum of four inches apart. If your fence has horizontal pieces that are less than 45 inches apart, the fence should be installed such that those horizontal parts are on the pool-side of the fence.

County Specifics

While many laws in Maryland are universal across the state, plenty of counties have their own specific laws. Let’s take a look at a few of the more prominent ones, although you’ll always want to take a look at any local regulations or work with a professional fence installer who will know how to navigate all of that for you.

Montgomery County requires pool fencing to be at least five feet tall. It also notes that fences must be securely attached to the ground and kept in good condition for as long as the pool is on your property. The gate attached to your pool fencing must also have a latch that is four feet or more up from the ground.

Anne Arundel County only requires fencing to be four feet high, but it also states that there can be a two-inch maximum gap between the ground and the bottom of the pool fence. If installing a picket fence, gaps must not be larger than four inches wide.

In Howard County, any vertical, horizontal, or diagonal fence pieces cannot have gaps larger than 1.75 inches between them.

Carroll County states that pool barriers must not have intrusions or indentations, as well as requiring gates to be self-closing in addition to self-latching. Those gates also have to open away from the pool.

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