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Protecting Your Wood Fence from Pests

Protecting Your Wood Fence from Pests hercules gsa

All manner of pests are drawn to wood, and your wooden fencing makes a great food source.

Envision: You’re on the patio sipping a cool drink and admiring your lovely new wood fence (just as you’ve done at some point every single day in the three weeks since its installation) when you notice something… amiss. There’s a post that looks somehow wrong, possibly discolored or askew…? You approach slowly, with a growing admixture of bafflement and trepidation. On close inspection, you see undeniable evidence that some pest has been chowing down or partying heartily on your still-sleek slats. 

…Though the intention here is not by any means to cause uncannily vivid nightmares for our

good readers, the above scenario is one bearing consideration.

It’s true: all manner of creatures are drawn to wood, for all manner of reasons they display no specific need to express or justify. -But this needn’t be a prohibitive factor in deciding for/against what may otherwise feel like the ideal material for you! Kindly read along to learn about some simple, aesthetically unobtrusive, cost-efficient methods of protecting your wood fence against the threat of attempted critter encroachment.

Know Your Wood, and Choose It Wisely

  • Not all wood is created equal. While wooden fencing is often a relatively low-cost barrier option, selecting high-quality wood is tantamount to making an investment that’ll quickly yield dividends and steadily continue to do so for years.

  • Some varieties are more appealing to pests than others; consulting with experts like GSA fence contractors can help you to determine the ideal wood based on your location and circumstances. Fence maintenance professionals are equipped with and well-trained to explain how certain naturally-occurring chemicals in certain wood varieties have certain deterrent effects on certain pests.

Clean Your Wood and Clean It Well

  • You know absolutely who loves mossy, gunky, moldy, sticky, or indeterminately funky wood? Pests! Beetles, wasps, ants, termites… One might helpfully conceive of the fence as their bread and the funky gunk their butter.

  • GSA contractors are happy to impart best cleaning practices for specific woods; depending on the structure itself and whichever paints or finishes oh-so-strikingly adorn it, a gentle touch or (alternately) the power washer might be recommended/necessary. Proper fence maintenance is largely matter of know-how and know-why, so expert guidance is always available to help you build such a knowledge-base and hone the skills of its application.

  • Keep all grass, shrubbery/flora tidily trimmed around your wood fence’s base. Keep in mind: in this context, overgrown plants act as wings for ants… Or, more of a stairway to havoc-wreakin’ heaven.


Know Your Pests, and Forgive Them When Emotionally-Necessary/Cathartic…

  • Termites, sure. –‘Wood fence,’ you must have been thinking termites this whole time. And yes, they are famously prolific and ravenous wood eaters—but we have… defenses. A good old-fashioned stain-‘n’-seal (a GSA fence contractor specialty) provides not just a solid layer of protection against termite assault, but also the “incidental” benefit of wooden fencing that stays all-around sturdier and stronger for having been protected against the elements. A fortification against the multifarious forces of nature!

  • …Fido. ‘fraid so. Dogs, especially the ever-curious and adorably mischievous “pests” that puppies tend to be, can find it relaxing or entertaining or maybe just delicious to chew on wood slats. -Which isn’t necessarily great for your fence or your four-legged friend—who shall indeed and forever shall be your friend despite ostensibly destructive tendencies. Pet panels can be installed along the bottom of a wooden barrier (to your desired height specifications) which renders any portion of fencing within canine paw- and mouth-reach, respectively, scratch- and chew-proof while blending in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic you aim to cultivate.


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