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Protecting Your Wood Fence from Pests

Protecting Your Wood Fence from Pests hercules gsa

There are ways to protect wood fencing from an infestation.

Wood fencing provides natural beauty and durability to your property. When taken proper care of, a wood fence can last for decades, giving you the privacy and security you need and the aesthetic appeal you want for your yard. However, pests, such as termites, can be an issue. Wood is food to these hungry critters, and to them, your wood fence looks like a delicious meal. Fortunately, there are ways to protect wood fencing from an infestation. Here are some tips for keeping pests away from your wood fence.

Regularly Check the Fence

The best way to prevent pests from burrowing and eating away at your wooden fence is to be proactive and inspect it regularly. Termites start from the inside out, so the damage may not be visible initially. This is why you should periodically check the fence to look for signs of infestation. Bubbles and holes in the wood or a pile of termite droppings are indications that pests are living in your fence. If you see these signs, it is time to start treating the wood to remove the bugs before they can ruin the fence.

Treat the Fence

One of the most effective ways to prevent pests and termites from feeding on wood fencing is to have it regularly treated. Pesticides are effective, or you can apply an oil-based stain. If you prefer to paint your fence, make sure to use an oil-based primer or termite-resistant paint.

Eliminate Standing Water

Termites and other pests thrive in damp areas and standing water. Check your property for sources of moisture, such as birdbaths, ponds, or puddles, and remove them to help protect your wood fencing against an infestation. Pests are also drawn to plants, so be sure to keep your shrubbery trimmed and away from fence posts. These insects can climb blades of grass, branches of nearby plants and jump from these plants to your fence. Clearing the area around your fence of plant life and grass will reduce the ways pests can get to your fence.

Install Your Fence Partially Below Ground

Termites often burrow from the ground up and can ruin the base of your wood fence. So, when you are preparing a new fence, make sure that your fence is dug at least one foot below ground level. Your professional fence installer can make the required adjustments in fence level and bring equipment to ensure that your fence is installed properly.

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