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Designing an Unclimbable Fence

No business owner should have to be convinced of the importance of security. There are so many ways to beef up the security of your business—from cameras, to guards, to alarms. But the foundation of your business’ security strategy should be its fence. But is there such a thing as a fence that is truly impenetrable to burglars?  We believe that we can get pretty close. If there were such a thing as an unclimbable fence, it would certainly include these features.

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To design an unclimbable fence, you’ll have to include these features.


One hallmark of anti-climb fencing comes in the form of curvature. While curvature alone does not make a fence unclimbable, it certainly makes the process of climbing far more difficult. For this to work, it has to curve the right way—toward the direction from which any potential intruders would begin their ascent.

Razor Wire

Barbed wire is great for deterring intruders. But razor wire is even better. Many people are familiar with the general concept of razor wire and what it does. But have you ever taken a look at it up-close? Essentially, it consists of numerous razors tightly wound and at regular intervals. To the would-be trespasser, this is intimidating to say the least.

It may be helpful to think of barbed wire as akin to a thorn bush. Its pricks are unpleasant, but not impenetrable. Razor wire, on the other hand, will slices and tears the skin—something not even the most determined of intruders would want to withstand.

Anti-Climb Roller

Another option to use instead of barbed or razor wire is an anti-climb roller. You may have seen these while out and about. They take the form of cylinders that you place on top of a fence that roll if you touch them. This makes them extremely difficult to get ahold of.

Anti-climb rollers are certainly not as effective as razor wire. But they are another option you should be aware of when building an unclimbable fence.


The higher a fence is, the less tempted intruders will be to attempt a climb. Generally speaking, a good security fence should be at least 8 eight feet in height, but it doesn’t hurt to build them higher. That said, there’s no need to go overkill. With all these other anti-climb measures, 8 feet in height will certainly do the job.

There may not be such a thing as a truly unclimbable fence. But if you incorporate just a few of these measures into the design of your security fence, very few trespassers would even attempt an ascent.

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