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3 Signs that You Should Replace Your Wood Fence

Here are a few warning signs that your wood fence needs to be replaced.

Although wood fences are a great option for providing privacy and security, they tend to have a shorter life span compared to other types of fences. With proper maintenance, your wood fences will last for years, but there will still come a time to replace them. Here are a few warning signs that your wood fence needs to be replaced.


The fibers in wood can be sensitive to extreme temperature changes and water damage. If you get enough heavy storms, then eventually it will cause your fence to warp as the wood fibers weaken. Getting your fence stained and sealed will help protect it for longer, but over time all wood fences will start to warp as they age.


It’s very common for a wood fence to fade over time. Sitting out under the harsh sun will bleach the wood, and if it is painted the paint will chip and peel. Discoloration can also come from water damage and mold growth.


Getting your wooden fence replaced might sound like an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. But, even if you’re holding on to your fence with slight aesthetic and structural flaws when your old fence becomes hazardous, you shouldn’t hesitate to have it fixed. Rusty and exposed nails, and splintery broken sections make your fence dangerous especially if it is an area frequented by children. Another way your fence can be a hazard is if it’s not doing its job, which is to protect your perimeter. Old, broken-down fences are inviting for intruders.

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