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Aluminum vs. Steel Fencing

Two of the most popular fencing materials are steel and aluminum.

A fence is a great investment for most properties, but finding the right one can be complicated. You have to decide on fence height, style, and material to name just a few things. Two of the most popular fencing materials are steel and aluminum. But which one is right for your fencing needs? Read on for some details to help you choose.


Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion; in fact, it is one of the most resistant metals available. It will not crack, bubble, or peel in response to the elements, even lawn chemicals or salty ocean air. Steel, on the other hand, is very vulnerable to saltwater corrosion, and can actually be corroded by any moisture. Galvanizing or powder coating the steel can alleviate this concern, but it is an added expense that you don’t have to worry about with aluminum.

Strength And Durability

In terms of strength, nothing comes close to steel. The joins in steel fencing are also usually welded rather than screwed, making for an even stronger fence. Aluminum can also be welded to create a stronger fence, but the material itself is fairly malleable. This means that it can easily be twisted into decorative shapes, but it also means that it has a low impact tolerance. Aluminum is available as an alloy that makes it stronger, but it also becomes more susceptible to corrosion.


Aluminum fences are available in a variety of colors, and, as mentioned above, the malleability of the metal makes it easy to create decorative forms. This makes it a great choice for residential uses when you want to look of the fence to match your home and aesthetic. Steel comes in fewer styles though if you opt for the powder coating, you will have several colors available.

Installation And Maintenance

Aluminum is very lightweight, so it is easy to install. This also makes it cheaper to ship. Aluminum fencing installation is fairly easy and can often be a DIY project. Steel, on the other hand, is very heavy, very expensive to ship, and can be very hard to install. Steel fences tend to be more difficult to repair than aluminum ones, and they require more maintenance and upkeep. Steel requires sanding and painting periodically, while aluminum merely needs to be cleaned with a hose. Both materials are recyclable if you ever change your fence or have scrap.

Types Of Fencing

Aluminum has lots of great fencing options. It is a great material for privacy fences, pool fences, and fences to keep small pets and kids safe. Steel is great for security fencing, fencing for large dogs of animals, and fencing for playgrounds. 

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