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Choosing the Right Fencing Material for Your Home

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Different types of fencing each serve a different purpose. Once you determine what kind of fence suits your home’s needs, we here at Hercules Fence will take care of the rest!

High-quality security fences are not just for businesses. Your home deserves to be protected as well. Different types of fencing each serve a different purpose. Once you determine what kind of fence suits your home’s needs, we here at Hercules Fence will take care of the rest!  Whether you have small children or pets you want to keep safe or want privacy from your neighbors, your perfect fence is out there. Keep reading to learn more about the various types of fences available.

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are the most traditional style of fencing for residential areas. Wood provides a more natural and environmentally friendly look to your home. Wood fences are also customizable. They can be constructed to up to 7 feet and can be styled with your choice of paint or stain. This fence style is most practical for fencing in large yards or establishing property barriers between residences, as they have the lowest installation costs.  

However, wood requires continual maintenance, as it may need a new paint or stain every 2-3 years. Another disadvantage of wood is rotting, so make sure the wood you use is treated if you want to keep it long-lasting. But, depending on the type of wood you choose, it can easily last the lifetime of your home.

Chain link Fencing

Chain link fences offer security while still allowing you to see through them. The affordability and low maintenance make chain link fences a good choice for covering a lot of ground. You can rest assured knowing that your pets and children are safe to play in the backyard. The downside to chain link is the utilitarian look, but there are ways around that, including vinyl-coated styles that come in basic colors or turning it into a lattice for plants to grow.

Vinyl Fencing 

Vinyl, or plastic, fencing has exploded in popularity because it is virtually maintenance-free other than keeping it clean, which can be done with a garden hose. Classic picket-style fencing offer that “All American” look. It’s available in an endless array of styles and colors and can mimic almost any other common fencing material. However, vinyl on its own is not as sturdy as other materials, so you may want to consider combing it with other types of materials such as wood or PVC.

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing lends a distinguished, traditional look to your home and can be worked into as many styles, sizes and heights as wood. Iron fencing can last for years, with the only maintenance concern being rust. There are aluminum and galvanized steel fences if you’d like the look of wrought iron without the cost or rust. 

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