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Choosing the Right Security Fence for Your Business

Choosing the Right Security Fence for Your Business hercules gsa

Here we’ll be examining the properties of various commercial high-security fences to help you make an informed decision.

When it comes to security fences, one size does not fit all. There is a wide range of materials and styles available to choose from, which in the right combination, are certain to hold the key, as it were, to your establishment’s assured safekeeping.

Here we’ll be examining the properties of various commercial high-security fences to help you make an informed perimeter protection decision. Read along with this guide, and you’ll find yourself on solid ground to make an ideal selection based on your business’s individual needs.

Preliminary Assessments When Choosing a High-Security Fence

  • Consult (or revisit) relevant crime statistics for your location; naturally, if break-in attempts are fairly common in your locale, this should factor heavily into your decision.

  • If your concern leans more toward keeping out wildlife or deterring loiterers and the occasional vandal, another type of fence would be more suitable. “More” isn’t always better: it’s not advisable to simply pick the most expensive fence style if your property is unlikely to benefit from certain features (e.g., towering height, barbed wire…) reflected in the price tag.

  • Consider if any “incidental” security measures are already in place that might make certain features redundant. For instance, are you operating a small business from home within a gated community? Do you have (or plan to have) security personnel patrolling your site?

  • It’s reasonable—and common!—to “mix and match” fence materials based on terrain conditions, proximity to roads or other buildings, relative likelihood of foot traffic (etc.) at different points along your property line. Commercial fencing professionals can seamlessly blend different materials to ensure your budgetary and security needs are best met.

  • Don’t undervalue aesthetics! Your fence will inevitably be one of the first features people notice about your property. And just as a picket fence can lend a quaint or nostalgic vibe with the potential to attract new customers/clientele, an imposing chain-link fence (for example) can have a powerful deterrent effect for less welcome visitors…

Making Your Commercial Fencing Decision

There are essentially three categories of material to choose from, each with its own subset of materials. Broadly, though, you’ll be deciding between…

  • Wood: This is an attractive choice, with room for personalization through painting and staining. And though pickets may not provide enormous protection, wooden boards offer a high degree of security. Regular inspection and occasional maintenance/upkeep will be required if you opt for wood, but a well-taken care of fence of this type often lasts for decades.

  • Vinyl: These panels reliably provide both security and privacy. The material is extremely durable, resistant to the elements, and naturally long-lasting. There are fewer “design” choices in vinyl, as paint or staining won’t adhere to the surface.

  • Metal: For the highest level of security, metal is the way to go. The “big three” are aluminum, steel (sturdier and longer-lasting), and wrought iron (-easily sturdiest and longest-lasting!). To be clear, chain-link aluminum fencing can be fantastic protective barrier! Wrought iron, however, is likely to last a veritable lifetime if well-maintained, and can withstand exponentially more force than aluminum.

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