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Common Causes of Fence Damage

Common Causes of Fence Damage Hercules GSA

As a leading fence contractor in the DMV area, Hercules Fence GSA explains the common reasons for fence damage and provides prevention and repair methods.

A robust fence is essential to maintaining a property’s security and aesthetic appeal. Like any other structure, fences are prone to damage due to different factors. For instance, neglecting fence maintenance can result in costly repairs and compromise the safety of your home or business. As a leading fence contractor in the DMV area, Hercules Fence GSA explains the common reasons for fence damage and provides prevention and repair methods.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The most prevalent culprit behind fence damage is extreme weather conditions. Also, heavy rain, freezing temperatures, and strong winds may severely affect your fence’s durability. In addition, constant exposure to moisture can provoke wood to rot, while gusty winds may loosen panels and posts. Freezing temperatures can also lead to material expansion and contraction. Unfortunately, this can result in cracks and structural damage. Fortunately, you can prevent weather-related fence damage by regularly scanning for signs of wear and tear, applying weather-resistant sealants or coatings, and promptly repairing any loose or damaged components.

Furthermore, accidental damage to your fence can occur. Examples include branches, playful children, or wayward vehicles. While preventing all accidents is impossible, regularly trimming trees and shrubs near your fence or educating children about respecting fence boundaries can reduce risk.

Improper Fence Installation

Another common reason for fence damage is improper installation. An improper fence installation might not withstand external forces and quickly get damaged. So, hiring a reputable fence contractor such as Hercules Fence GSA is critical to ensure proper fence installation. In addition, our experienced fencing contractors will inspect your property, select the appropriate materials, and install your fence with precision to avoid future damage. 

Negligence of Fence Maintenance

A lack of fence maintenance can also lead to fence deterioration over time. Plus, debris, dirt, and vegetation can accumulate around your fence, causing decay and discoloration. So, vegetation removal, regular cleaning, and inspection for signs of damage are vital. It would help to apply a protective coating or stain to help prolong the lifespan of your residential fencing.

Pest Infestation

Pest infestations can significantly damage your fence, primarily due to termites and carpenter ants. They compromise your fence’s integrity by feeding on the wood. So, keeping your fence clear of vegetation and constantly inspecting for signs of pest activity may prevent infestations.

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