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When is a Fence Considered a High Security Fence?

When is a Fence Considered a High Security Fence? hercules gsa

Your business may need a high security fence for your property. But what is a high security fence?

When choosing a fence for your business, you may think you know what to look for because you’ve installed a residential fence for your home. But, there is a vast difference between choosing a home fence and a commercial fence. For starters, your business needs may dictate that you need a high security fence for your commercial property. But what is a high security fence, and how is it different than any other commercial fence?


High security fences do more than simply mark off property lines. They are designed to keep people out, and height is one of the primary ways they do so. Most security fencing will be at least six feet high, with many high security fences being closer to eight or even ten feet. Individual institutions may require even taller fencing, with prison fencing often reaching fourteen-foot heights. The height of the fence makes it imposing and helps dissuade people from trying to climb it. 


Another way residential fences differ from high security fences is their physical structure. Since residential fences must withstand different conditions (like bad weather rather than a ramming vehicle), they can be less durable. They are still great at what they do, but the weaker materials mean they cost less to produce and install, making them a better fit for the average homeowner. High security fencing should not be made of lightweight materials. Don’t hesitate to ask if the product you’re considering is industrial or commercial-rated. If you choose lightweight materials to save money upfront, you may lose money on repairs and security breaches in the long run. 

Impact Resistance

A high security fence should also be impact-resistant, meaning that someone can’t ram it with a vehicle and break it down. This is often achieved by increasing the size of concrete footers, decreasing the space between posts, and using more durable materials, like heavy-duty concrete and heavy-duty steel posts. There are also specialized fences that are crash-rated to slow a determined intruder. 

Additional Security Measures

Finally, high security fencing often has additional security measures on the top and the bottom. The tops usually feature anti-climb measures like razor wire or barbed wire. These measures ensure that even if someone can climb your tall fence, they probably won’t get over the top. The other common way to access the perimeter of your property is to go under the fence. Security measures at the bottom of a fence could include measures that prevent digging under it into the ground or a sturdy bottom bar that sits against the impervious surface.

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