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Extending the Lifespan of Your Fence: 5 Fence Maintenance Tips

Extending the Lifespan of Your Fence: 5 Fence Maintenance Tips hercules gsa

Hercules GSA recommends these maintenance tips to prevent expensive repairs for your fence.

After investing in a new fence, you want to ensure it will look its best and provide the safety you desire for many years. One way to extend the lifespan of your fence is to practice regular fence maintenance. Often, these tasks are not time-consuming and only need to be done periodically. Hercules GSA recommends the following fence maintenance tips to prevent more substantial and expensive problems or repairs for your fence. 

Stain Your Wood Fences

If you paint your wood fence, you trap moisture over time, which can promote rot. Instead, stain the framing, the boards, and any notches or cuts. Every part of your fence should be stained to add an extra layer of protection. Plus, a good stain can help bring out the natural color and grain of the wood. This seals in and protects the new fence from moisture and sunlight. Once you have stained your fence, check it for lighter spots. These areas of light staining will be more exposed to the environment over time. Staining is recommended every three to five years to keep up fence maintenance. 

Practice Yearly Fence Maintenance and Cleaning

Once a year, walk around your yard and inspect your fence for signs of rot or damage. Replace any broken boards, hammer in loose nails, or tighten up screws. Check every fence section to ensure it is securely attached to the next section. If any parts are leaning, ensure the posts are firmly planted in the ground. 

Issues can accumulate over time if you fail to maintain or repair these minor flaws. This will eventually cause long-lasting damage to the posts. If posts have a lot of pressure from the weight of holding up leaning sections, they become weaker and can lead to broken or rotting fences. 

Use High-Quality Materials

The key to installing a fence that has a long lifespan is using the correct materials. At Hercules GSA, we use high-quality materials to install every fence so they are designed to last. We can recommend the best wood fence materials and suggest galvanized steel fence posts for ultimate durability. Steel fences are immune to rotting, splitting, warping, and cracking and can endure high winds. 

Neighbor Coordination

If your fence borders the boundary line of your neighbor’s property, a crucial part of fence maintenance may be communicating with your neighbors. Coordinating with your neighbor may mean they know to notify you of any issues on the other side of your fence. Early awareness can prevent minor issues from escalating. If you are staining and maintaining your fence, be sure to ask them whether you can access their lawn to maintain your fence. Maintain respect and courtesy to ensure healthy relations with your neighbors and easy access to your fence.

Organize Your Landscape

Your landscape contains space for many activities, and it’s important to consider how these activities may impact your fence. For instance, sporting equipment and sports balls may cause damage to your fence if they are likely to hit or bounce off the fence. Keep lawn sprinklers away from your fence so they don’t soak the fence every time they run. 

By keeping these fence maintenance tips in mind, you can help preserve your new Hercules GSA fence and keep it looking its best for years. 

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