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Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence

Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Fence hercules gsa

While vinyl fencing is a great option for homeowners, there are still a few little maintenance tasks you need to be aware of.

A vinyl fence might be right for you if you want a low-maintenance fencing option. Vinyl fencing is incredibly easy to care for and its low cost plus low maintenance is why many people invest in vinyl fencing. It’s also great because it can be made to resemble real wood without all of the issues that come with the material, so no rotting, splitting, or cracking.

All that said, while we believe vinyl fencing is a great option for many property owners, there are still a few little maintenance tasks you need to be aware of. Nothing too major here! But if you’re going to be the owner of vinyl fencing, you should be aware. Let’s take a quick look.

Brushing Away Debris

Whether it’s from your landscaping or a heavy storm that came through, you’re bound to accumulate a good deal of debris on your vinyl fencing. If left unresolved, it will accumulate and make it much harder to clean your vinyl fencing down the line. Instead, take a stiff yard brush and remove any debris from your fencing, potentially up to once a week if you find it getting grimy regularly. Preventative measures are the most effective measures!

Regular Washing

You may not have to clean as often as you would with other kinds of fencing, but there is still some cleaning to be done. In most cases, spraying it down with a hose is plenty. If not, you may want to get a sponge and use some gentle soap (dish soap works) plus some warm water to get things squeaky clean again.

If these methods fail, look into a specialized vinyl fence cleaner. Just make sure you wear protective equipment like goggles and gloves before you work with powerful cleaning supplies. Don’t use anything more abrasive than your typical sponge or else you run the risk of causing unsightly scratches.

Necessary Repairs

If you ever notice any structural damage to your vinyl fencing, take care of it immediately even if it seems like a small issue. All of those loose panels or hanging nails can eventually grow to be much bigger problems if you ignore them. We’ve even seen vinyl panels go flying off in extreme weather conditions. Make any repairs you need to, or if necessary, call your fencing maintenance company to help.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

We all hate mold, mildew, and algae that build up on our fencing. Truth be told, it’s impossible to stop it completely. Instead, we have to do our best to be diligent and pay close attention to any areas that are in the shade, moist, or touching your landscaping. If you leave mildew and algae on your fence, it may end up staining your fencing an unsightly black, yellow, or green. Mix regular old vinegar and water and you can easily remove these problems.

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