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What Threat Factors to Consider When Purchasing Security Bollards

You want to consider various threat factors to your business so that you invest in the right security bollards!

Planning site security is one of the most important parts in the design of commercial buildings. There are various scenarios that require ample perimeter security to ensure the safety of people, data, and other property. Security bollards act as both physical and visual barriers and are often used to surround various types of facilities. Here are some threat factors to consider when purchasing security bollards.  

Why Security Bollards

The first factor you should consider is your current need for security. Assess how these bollards would enhance the perimeter security of your property. How many physical threats and unauthorized entry attempts have you encountered? What sides of the building are the most vulnerable? Are there any large windows or walkways close to traffic? These answers will inform exactly what type of protection your property requires.


Traffic should be considered as a major factor for purchasing security bollards. This includes public streets, onsite roads, and parking lots. If any of these run close to the building, bollards will help protect the building from both purposeful and accidental collisions. If its’ a high-traffic area, the chances are even greater for accidents. In addition, if there are walkways that run alongside the traffic, bollard will create clear separation between people and the vehicles, helping them remain safer on the sidewalk. You could even use bollards to designate bike lanes from the pedestrians and vehicles.


Commercial properties are often targets of burglary, attacks, and vandalism. Often during these attempts, vehicles are used to gain access to the building. They’ll either pull a vehicle up to an unsecured entrance or use the vehicle itself as a ram to hit the building. Security bollards provide perimeter security by blocking direct vehicle access to the building. Some versions are removable so that authorized vehicles are able to pass through while keeping others at a distance.   

Crash Ratings

High-threat areas use crash-rated bollards that have been designated under a system as being more appropriate for various scenarios. K-ratings were developed by the US Department of State and designate how much force from impact they are able to withstand. K12 security bollards can withstand impact from 50 miles per hour, K8 for 40 miles per hour, and K4 for 30 miles per hour.

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