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Will Termites Eat Treated Wood Fences?

Wood is one of the oldest and most enduring fencing materials around. It stands in stark contrast to more modern materials like wrought iron or vinyl in that it lends a natural appearance to any commercial or residential permit. But it does come with a few drawbacks. One of the most well-known drawbacks of wood as a fencing material is its susceptibility to pests, the most infamous of which are termites. But you might be wondering: will termites eat treated wood fences?

Will Termites Eat Treated Wood Fences?

Will termites eat treated wood fences? It’s not likely, but it is possible. Here are some ways to stop these pests in their tracks.

Will Termites Eat Treated Wood?

Modern-day fence manufacturers are no strangers to the threat of termites. They account for the possibility of these pernicious pests during the manufacturing process by treating the wood. Not only does this protect the fence from another threat to wood fencing—rot—but also discourages termites and other pests from making the fence their home.

But let’s cut to the chase: will termites eat treated wood? It’s possible. Treated wood fences are only resistant to the threat of termites, not immune to it. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to reduce the threat of termites even further. Here are a few of the most effective.

Remove Woody Plants

Often, people plant woody plants such as shrubs and bushes along the perimeter of their fences. Thorny plants such as rose bushes are a popular option, because they provide a little bit of extra security from intruders.

But the truth is that woody plants can attract termites to the area near your fence, which makes it more likely that they will begin to attack your fence itself. If you have woody plants near your fence, it might be wise to transplant them.

Don’t Use Mulch

If you have a termite problem or want to stave one off, it might be a good idea to remove any mulch near your fence. This is for the same reason that you’d want to remove woody plants. Decomposing wood in particular is an invitation to termites.

This probably goes without saying, but if you have any old stumps near your wood fence, you’re going to want to get those removed as soon as you can.

Watch Out for Moisture

It’s not just decomposing wood that attracts termites. Moisture does the same thing. You’re going to want to prevent your wooden fence from coming in contact with moisture to begin with, since even treated wood may rot when in contact with water.

How exactly can you get rid of moisture in the landscape? There are plenty of trees that do a great job of absorbing moisture, but remember—we don’t want woody plants. Instead, consider some ornamental herbaceous plants, such as daylilies, bee balm, or even violets. That way, you’ll be able to have something nice to look at while taking extra confidence that your fence is protected from termites.

Will termites eat treated wood? They might. But with the right care and attention, you can prevent it from happening.

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